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Jolly Pumpkin beers

Had a Bam Biere tonight (harvested the dregs for pitching into a funkhouse saison). This was a batch from April '11, so, 11 months old. Jolly Pumpkin’s beers are awesome, they all have a very prominent house flavor in common, which gets more sour over time. It starts out a little funky, gets very funky, a little tart, and finally, rather sour. The older, the better I say, at least with Bam Biere and the white ale Calabaza Blanca.

Oh man, I sure agree with you! I moved to the West almost six years ago and haven’t had a single Jolly Pumpkin since then. Now that Washington citizens voted to no longer have the state control hard liquor sales, it looks like we’ll get a warehouse wine/spirits/beers store coming to Spokane as soon as June maybe, and I’m hoping that the bigger selection will include some of the better brands from the midwest and eastern US! Maybe it’s just a pipe dream, but we’ll see pretty soon.

Agreed. I just had Madrugada, a sour stout, for the first time and was blown away!

I tried the Oro de Calabaza and La Roja, and whatever else I could get my hands on (it’s been awhile…). One of the premier breweries in the US AFAIAC.

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