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Johnson 419A Temperature Control

I am just hooked up a Johnson 419A Temperature Control to a small (2.5 cu. ft. about) freezer. I set the control to 45 degrees, but the temp in the freezer is 33 degrees.

What temp do you set your keezers to?

I am having trouble deciphering these directions with the jumpers. It seems like the out of the box default is set for what I need, but I could be wrong?

You shouldn’t have to touch the jumpers; the factory setting is correct for running a keezer.

I’ve got mine set to turn on at 46F, and off again at 44F. I do that by setting SP to 46, and OFS to 2. It’s OK to leave everything else on the factory setting, but I did set the anti-short cycle delay (ASD) on mine to the maximum (12 minutes, I think?) as well.

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