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John Palmer's Elevenses Partial Mash Kit

I see on searches where you guys really love it.

Two questions:

  1. It’s not too Hoppy? I really don’t like a beer that is too hoppy.

  2. If I brew on the 22nd or 23rd of this month will it be ready to drink by Christmas? Recipe says 4 weeks but wanted to get input from those who have brewed it.

I’m actually drinking one as i type! I did the Elevenses BIAB style (with help from Beersmith) but tweeked a couple things. It’s not hoppy at all, at least for my taste. I actually added a small late addition to give it more flavor. It’s very tasty after a 3 week primary & several weeks in the bottle. You could probably get away with 2 week primary & 3 in bottles, unless you keg & force carb. As i stated, it seems much better for me after about 6 weeks in bottle. Give it a shot, i bet you’ll enjoy it! Good luck! :cheers:

Thanks Thirsty. I do have kegging system and can force carb. After reading the reviews I did see where a couple of guys said it was fine in 4 weeks. I think I will give it a shot.

I agree, it’s not hoppy at all. Nice, mellow with an interesting note from the smoked malt. Get cracking tomorrow and it should be ready by Christmas.

Thanks for the replies. I just ordered it. If not ready by Xmas it should be by new years.

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