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Jockey Box Cold plate Question

I put together a jockey box with a 7 pass cold plate I bought on ebay. The cold plate is a clunker at 10 X 15 and weighs a good 30 lbs. I have 4 taps on it so I rerouted 3 of the lines through twice. I was wondering if anyone has any idea how much line actualy runs through a cold plate like this. I had to pour at 30+ psi and there was a decent amount of foam. I have 5.5 ft of 1/4 inch running from keg to cold plate for each. Then another foot or so from plate to tap. I would like to balance this as much as possible. I have heard that a bunch of people use 3/16 all the way. I was thinking about changing all the lines and doing a single pass through the plate. Any advice?

I have a two tap cold plate jockey box and there is 25 feet of 1/4 in. stainless tubing running through it for each line.

Why did you bother to run the lines through twice?

Ran them through twice to get some extra cooling power. How much and what ID tubing did you use? Thanks.

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