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I was just wondering if anyone would have a reasonable facsimile of an extract/specialty grain recipe for a Jever Pilsner?

I would guess that this is probably all Pilsner Malt, so you could try a German Pilsner Malt extract. OG is probably close to 1.048. Bitterness for Jever is 40 IBU, with maybe 0.5 oz around 20’ and another 0.5 oz around 5’. Probably all Hallertauer hops. It’s a clean Lager yeast, so maybe Wy2124.

Is Jever available in the Midwest? I recently brewed a batch of 100% Weyermanns Pilsner with Saaz hops and Urquell yeast (Wyeast 2001) Expect that might come close, but I would love to sample some Jever to see. What difference would you expect between Hallertauer and Saaz hops? Not sure that the difference between 2001 and 2124 would be significant.

We hosted an exchange student from Schortens, Germany many years ago, which is very close to Jever and she gave me a T-shirt that had 4-5 drunken seals with silly smiles. Underneath said, “Kein Jever, Kein Spass”. (No Jever, No fun) I only wear it only on special occasions. Not even sure it fits anymore.

For hops, I like hallertaue, not quite as spicy as saaz. Jever as far as I know, Chicago may be the closest for me. Have you tried Indy? My wife bought me a sampler pack from World Market about 3 years ago. Since then the store has closed; it was like a Pier 1 only sold beer and wines and some off the wall spices too. Anyhow one of the bottles was a Jever. I have not found a beer that compares since. Love at first taste! I believe I have seen it on line for around 70.00 bucks a case from some distibutor back east. :cheers:

jfkbeer - since you live in Garrett, I’m in Ft. Wayne and I can tell you that Cap n Cork off of W. Jefferson (by Covington) has Jever 6 packs. Tasty pils indeed. I’ve brewed too many pilsners over the years to count, I can tell you to use very light malt with a touch of Carapils, and you can use a higher alpha German bittering hop that Northern Brewer is now carrying to cut down on the amount of trub in the kettle. Add additional 1/2 ounce additions of Saaz/Hallertauer/Tettnanger to a 5 gallon, full wort boil at the 20 min, 10 min, and perhaps a bit more at knock-out then try hop standing for 45 min before chilling. 40 IBU’s is dead on.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention! It’s on tap at the Dash-In in downtown Ft. Wayne on Calhoun Street, 814 Calhoun St to be exact. Tasty pils indeed.

1 Pivoman, Thanks for the tip on where to gett the Jever. Just as I remembered; Fantastic!!! Taste is a pils base with the carapils for depth. Maybe great northern as bittering and hallertue as second, and same for boilout. Thanks again, I am also a pils brewer (season permitting). Stay in contact. :cheers:

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