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JET or Waldo

Hi All,
I’ve got a gift certificate I’m itching to use and am considering JET and Waldo Lake. I have read all the marvelous feedback for each and I will brew both, one next week and one in a month. But which one first?

IME Waldo will be ready in 6 weeks after fermentation, JET takes 8-10 before reaching perfection. Both, pretty tasty green though.

I finally got a good understanding of green with my first two corny’s, and IPA and ESB. As I anxiously awaited them to carb, I’d try them and say, “Okay, that’s good.” But now at the 4-week mark, both have taken on amazingly great character.

I vote Waldo Lake, as I just brewed 7 gallons of it on 3/10

I agree, JET seems to take a little while longer to mature. I thought it was great at 2 months, then I found a 6 pack I had stashed in behind some other brews at 4 months, can’t tell you how it tastes at 4 months and 1 week. It’s amazing that the hop character in that beer seems to get stronger with age.

My Waldo lakes seem to be best at 4-5 weeks.

I’m listening :slight_smile:

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