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Jamil's Nutcastle

About 4 weeks ago I brewed an AG Jamil’s Nutcastle recipe. After a few tastings at different points in the brewing process it seems the aroma is much different from the taste of the beer. The aroma is very yeasty/bready/kind of hoppy. While the flavor is very nutty/bready and a little on the watery side. The two things that I did vary from on from the original recipe is I could not get EKGs so I used Brambling Cross as the same hopping schedule and I used the Neobritannia yeast versus WLP013. Any ideas why the difference between aroma and flavor? Could it be the beer is still a little green since its only been a week since it was bottled? What could I do next time to help the beer a little more malty and not so watery taste? It is not that the beer tastes bad, but is the aroma/flavor problem due to my variance in the recipe? Here is all my data.


Amount Item Type % or IBU
6.49 lb Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 82.89 %
0.51 lb Special Roast (Briess) (50.0 SRM) Grain 6.51 %
0.34 lb Victory Malt (biscuit) (Briess) (28.0 SRM)Grain 4.34 %
0.33 lb Crystal 40L (Crisp) (40.0 SRM) Grain 4.21 %
0.16 lb Pale Chocolate Malt (200.0 SRM) Grain 2.04 %
0.90 oz Bramling Cross [4.80 %] (60 min) Hops 24.2 IBU
0.10 oz Bramling Cross [4.80 %] (15 min) Hops 0.7 IBU
1 Pkgs NeoBritannia (Wyeast Labs #1945) [StarterYeast-Ale

Batch Size: 4.00 gal
Boil Size: 5.20 gal
Estimated OG: 1.051 SG
Estimated Color: 13.5 SRM
Estimated IBU: 24.9 IBU
Brewhouse Efficiency: 65.58 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Pre-boil Gravity = 1.040
Mash in 2.94 gallons of 167F
Batch sparge with 2.76 gallons of 175F

This is only my second AG batch any help would be much appreciated.

I think english brown ales (especially newcastle) are a little watery… try it again in 2 weeks or so.

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