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Jamil's Evil Twin...To Secondary or Not?

I am brewing the extract kit of JET and was thinking of not racking to secondary. I have noticed my beers will taste more bitter from the primary and tend to mellow in the secondary. I prefer a bitter beer so was thinking of skipping the secondary and bottling from the primary (when I hit my FG). Anyone have a suggestion?

I know many people say they do not rack to secondary and I was thinking of trying it.


I know many people say they do not rack to secondary and I was thinking of trying it.



I made JET a few batches ago and I didn’t secondary it. It turned out awesome. Probably one of my better brews. I say go for it.

Just to clarify, I’m guessing the above two posters did not actually transfer to a second carboy for conditioning.
I would likely leave the beer on the yeast cake in the primary carboy at least a week or two after stabilization of the FG.

This will give the yeast the conditioning and clarifying time they need to give you a decent beer. I definitely would not bottle if the FG is stable after 1 week…give it a bit more time to clear!

For example the NB Chinook IPA calls for 1-2 week primary and 2 week secondary. My fg was reached 1 week in, and instead of transferring to a second vessel, the beer spent its “2 week secondary” on the original yeast cake. i guess it helps to think of secondary as additional conditioning time unless you are actually adding anything.

The only beer that I’ve moved to an actual secondary container lately, was after two weeks in primary. I then moved to secondary to clear it off the old yeast cake, and I actually added a fair amount of fruit (sugar) to start up a new but smaller fermentation.

+1 to a two-week primary followed by bottling.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

I will let it sit in the primary and not rack it to secondary. Just want to avoid any off-flavors for having it sit on the trub too long.

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