Jamil's American Stout

I am getting big differences in SRM between Jamil’s American Stout recipe (BYO version) as well as the BYO Fish Tale Stout recipe. Both showing SRM around 33 vice 40-45. I use Beer Tools and everything else (IBU, OG, FG, etc.) all are consistent with the recipe. I have checked the SRM values for the individual grains and they are also spot on. Anybody have any idea? In general, I do think BeerTools SRM values are low but not by that much.

Without inputting the info to see what beer smith says, make sure you pay attention to the recipe volume. I do 10gal and 5gal batches. Once I forgot to indicate that it was a 5gal batch and struggled figuring out why the suggested SRM and OG were off.

I find that Beertools often projects an SRM lower than the target given in the recipe as well. I’ve made Jamil’s American Stout a few times myself. It comes out dark, but I like a little darker. I usually throw a few ounces of Carafa III or Midnight Wheat into the mash for the last 15 minutes or so.