Jamil belgium wit fermentation?

Hello I just brew jamil belgium wit from his BYO artical. My ? is the fermentation he said the start fermenting at 68F an slowing start rising the temp to 72F by the last one third of fermentation. Ok now where is the last one third of fermentation at I know you would have to take a hydometer reading to find it out but for me I don’t like to take to many of them because of the risk of infection so how many day’s would the last one third of fermentation be?.

Hi @william4025, I just did back to back Wits one I fermented at 62* for a week than ramped up one degree a day for 10 days, and then let it clean up for another week (total fermentation time three weeks).

What a noticed with this schedule is a wheat forward beer with not too much of the yeast character backing it.

The last wit I did (this past Friday), I am fermenting at 65* for the first four days (take a gravity reading and determine from there to ramp it up 1 degree a day for about ten days)

My O.G. on this wit was 1.052, so I am looking to be around 1.020-1.018 before I start warming it up.

E.G.: 0.52*.66 = 0.34
0.52 - 0.34 = 0.18

I have a temp controller that controls the heat side and the cool side so this isn’t too hard to achieve.