Jamil Belgian wit

Hello I am following jamil Belgium wit recipe from his byo. Now my ? Is the fermentation profile he said to ferment at 68f an slowly raising temperature to 72f by the last one third of fermentation. Well I know to accuracy gauge it you have to take hydrometer samples daily. I am wounding if a person can just wing it by days into fermentation I don’t mind taking reading but I don’t want to take to many an infect my beer

Yes, you can.

The majority of the ester production (and production of other stuff that you DON’T want) will happen in the first 48-72 hours after pitching. So its really critical to hold the temp steady and not let the yeast get the beer too warm in those first few days.

I hold my wit at the pitch temp (I pitch at 62) for 3 days, then rise to 68, then 72-74 @ pitch+7 days.

Check out the Brewing Network’s Brew Strong episode on witbier. Jamil was out sick, so Doc gives his recipe. One of the better episodes they did!

Good luck. Dying to get a wit in the fermenter!

I can’t help but wonder why your question is almost the exact same in every post you make…

I think it’s Jamil, or his stalker.