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Jamil belgian golden strong

hello i going to brew jamil belgian golden strong. well here the thing jamil say to pitch at 64f an at rise over a course of a week to 82f. Now here the ? when do i start to ramping up to the 82f over one week do i just pitch an wait 24hours then start ramping to 82f (over the course of a week to 82f )

18* rise would be a 3 degree rise per day over 6 days after waiting 24 hours after the pitch.

That would be my definition of ramping up over a week.

I just brewed this beer recently, and ramp up about 5 degrees every other day after I started to see signs of fermentation. Surprisingly, the yeast seemed to pause when the beer was still around SG = 1.016. But then it got active again and finished at 1.008.

I brewed this awhile back and I just held it around 64F until fermentation was visible. At that point I let it rise a few degrees a day until it got up around 82F. The strange this is that the krausen totally dropped after a couple days, but the yeast kept slowly chugging along, so be sure not to rush it. This yeast takes it’s time finishing up and you want the beer to be pretty dry.

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