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Jamil barley wine recipe?

Hello I am planning on brewing my first high-gravity beer. Well I am looking at Jamil BCS book an I came across a recipe call Old Monster American Barley wine. I be brewing this all-gain I have a 10gal mash-tun cooler I read in his description of the recipe that with all the base grains the total amount is 23.2lbs of malt an even with 1qt/lb your mash would be 8.5gal in my mash-tun now I know I Might be able to fit all of that in to my mash-tun but I rather replace half of that 23.2lbs malt with light malt extract. Now the other question that I have is mashing the 11.6lbs how would I work that an the other half of the light malt extract into this beer meaning I know I mash the 11.6lbs but how much would I collect when I am sparging I know the recipe say pre-boil vol of 7.00gal?

Would a 2.5 gal batch fit your existing equipment?

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Good luck on your adventure… Beer smith has the Potential, or points per pound, for your equation…I didn’t understand that piece of the fermentables when I started a long time ago… Also, your mash-tun is the water cooler? Mine was, and I would have stuck mashes with over 15lbs in that sucker… And yeast… Your going to do a big pitch, or 2 step pitch? 2 step is where you’d add a fresh batch of yeast somewhere about half way through your fermenting cycle… Did I read somewhere that champagne yeast was used in the 2 pitch? Sneezles61

Partial mash is the way to go on big beers like this. I used a calculator, started with a couple of jugs of MO LME, then mashed the remainder to hit my target. LME, luckily, comes in known volume jugs, so I just figured that when calculating sparge volume. That being said, if you overdo it, and have a high volume, just boil longer. It will probably yield a higher efficiency.

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