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Jalepenos added to secondary. That is all. ;-)


Go get 'em tiger!

What style?

I’m guessing pale ale. :wink:

Fine. Next time I’ll look at the sig :lol:

Fine. Next time I’ll look at the sig :lol: [/quote]


3 gallon (versus 5 gallon recipe from friend in San Antonio) batch:
6 lbs (versus 10) two row
1.2 lbs (versus 2) crystal 60
.45 oz (versus 0.75) cascade at 60
.60 oz (versus 1.0) fuggle at 40
.60 oz (versus 1.0) fuggle at 10
90 min Mash at 152F
60 min boil
Add 3-4 (versus6-8 jalapeños) in secondary. Blanch and cut them in half length wise, be sure to leave the seeds in.

WY1469 in 1.5L starter. Fermented at mid 60s.


Man, a local brewery I go to once in a while has a pepper beer like this, it’s pretty good. It’s amazing how strong the jalapeños are. First time I had it I wondered if my pee would burn. You know, hot in, hot out…

Be sure to check the jalapenos for heat at this time of year - you can have one that’s hot and one that’s a bell pepper from the same batch. I’ve been eating serranos for the last couple of weeks just to get something spicy.

APA abuse, plain and simple.

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