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Jalepeno Beer is Next Batch

Any good recipes? All Grain Brewer :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

I just bottled Pale-a peno today. I tasted the FG sample and it has a definite spicy/hot kick. Nice jalepeno aroma too. Should be carbed by cinco de mayo. Ole!

10 lbs 2 row
2 lbs crystal 60
.75 oz Cascade at 60
1.0 oz Fuggles at 40
1.0 oz Fuggles at 10
90 min mash at 152
60 min boil
6-8 jalepeno in secondary (blanched and cut lengthwise. seeds and all)
I used 1469, but any yeast for a pale ale should work fine.


Thank you… Going to brew it this weekend… Also got my neighbor coming over to brew his own batch of beer as well… Homebrewing is contagious :slight_smile:

I had brewed a batch of jalepeno beer years ago… and also had a commercial brewed jalepeno beer years ago… But can`t remember the name of it. Was SO YUMMY… Ice cold going down… With a little hot afterwards :slight_smile:

Go easy on the peppers, and consider roasting them for a little extra character. I haven’t made one but have judged a number of them and the roasted pepper beers have nice character. I actually enjoy this style but don’t think I want a whole batch. I may roast a jalapeno and add pieces to a few bottles.

Lennie, what is the best way to roast them? Would on my charcoal grill work?

I’m thinking thats what is done, either charcoal or gas grill. I wouldn’t cook them a long time but maybe just a few inutes on a high heat to get a little blistering on the skin. Not sure I’d use the seed either but I think a taste of the actual peppers will give you an idea of how much you’ll want to use.

These were my thoughts exactly on the first batch. I actually made it for my wife as she loves hot spicy food…and i mean hot.

I made 3 gallons and used 3 peppers…each was about 3.5-4.0 inches long and easily had a 1.5 inch diameter at the thickest point. This batch is spicy hot, and much hotter than I’d certainly like. To give you a idea of our “hot” scale, too hot for me are any of BWW’s wings that are hotter than Asian Zing. She on the other hand only eats their “Wild” wings…second hottest.

Once she tasted the FG sample, she was happy. I reached for it to pour it out and she gave me that “WTF do your think you’re doing” look. “You’re not pouring this out” she said. First time she ever said that about a FG sample.


Awesome. I can’t wait to make a Jalapeno beer now. Gonna add my Chipotles to my blond ale this week, as I rack to secondary.

Pretty much any yellow beer is good with jalapenos. Just make sure it is not really hoppy. High hop bitterness and peppers do not go well together. You could actually make any of NB Yellow AG kit beers and add the peppers. I have used a cream ale, blonde ale and a helles as a base beer. If you already have a good recipe for one of those, just use that.

I have won a lot of medals for my pepper beers and I would recommend against using the peppers in the primary or secondary fermenter. Not because it won’t work but if you do that you are totally guessing at the pepper flavor and heat level. The taste and Scoville levels vary quite a bit even within the same pepper type. In other words not all jalapenos are as hot as other jalapenos. Some times you may need 1 pepper per gallon some times 3 or more. You never know…

I like to extract the peppery goodness in cheap vodka and then add that extract to the finished beer. Just soak what ever, cut up or even pureed peppers, you want in a small jar of vodka for about a week. Then put a measured amount of the vodka in 3 or 4 Oz of beer. Keep trying until you get the flavor and heat level you want. Then scale up the extract and beer in a bottling bucket or keg and you are good to go.

BTW, I have found it difficult to get enough heat when using jalapenos alone. Serrano chilies add the heat with a clean flavor. I use both because I like the taste of the jalapenos with the extra kick from the Serrano.

I’ve tasted Steve’s beer pepper beer, its really good. I like the idea of making a tincture and adding to taste. Thanks for the tip!

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