Jalapeno Ale

I’ll be working on my revision of this recipe here soon. One thing I’m uncertain on is how roasting peppers effects the flavor, aroma, and spice levels differently to uncooked, as well as how dropping them in the last 7 mins effects these compared to soaking in vodka a few weeks and “dry peppering.”

I intend to roast the jalapeños used for the boil at 350* for 30 mins, slicing thin, and placing in a ziplock bag to “steam” an hour prior to placing in the freezer for brew day. I’m uncertain if I’ll roast the other peppers or not.

This is my 5.5 gal partial mash/partial boil recipe:

5.25 lbs 2-row
3 lbs ultralight LME (FO)
3/4 lb flaked barley
1/2 lb C 20
3/4 oz Mt Hood @ 70 mins
1/4 oz Mt Hood @ 21 mins
4 lg jalapeños @ 7 mins
4 lg jalapeños 7-14 day “dry pepper”

5.4% ABV
18 IBU’s

My first brew used 1 jalapeño per gallon and was very nice, but I wanted more flavor, aroma, and spice. This will be about 1 1/2 peppers per gallon.

I add mine fresh on bottling day. In the morning chop them up seeds and all, cover with warm vodka that you have nuked in your microwave for a few seconds. A few hours later you can bottle or keg, adding just a little of the infused vodka at a time until the beer tastes right. Sometimes I use it all, sometimes not. I use an average of 9 jalapenos for 5 gallons, which gives a medium level of heat and a lot of flavor.

Have you tried other methods of using the jalapeños?

I sometimes heat the peppers in a bit of beer for a few minutes and then add the jalapeno infused beer to the rest of the beer on bottling day. I actually got the best results when I did this plus the vodka infusion method, about a 50/50 split (a handful of jalapenos in hot beer and another handful in hot vodka). I have not tried any other methods because these methods work awesomely, sanitary, very consistent, and do not require long soak times.