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Has anyone else ever brewed with jaggery? It’s a raw sugar from parts of Asia and Africa made from date, palm, and/or cane sugar. I brewed a batch with it ages ago and really loved what it did, but I’ve all my notes on volume to add and what that does to OG and FG. Hoping someone kept better notes than I did.

Randy Mosher has a Jaggery IPA (I believe IPA) in Radical Brewing. I would imagine it behaves similar to turbinado sugar as far as gravity points, fermentability, etc. If you google up sugar points per pound per gallon, you should be able to get close.

I find that with simple sugar additions, if you want a dry beer, to add the sugar dissolved in water after the first few days of fermentation. For a more balanced beer, add it at 1 minute/flameout.

I’ve used about 10 Kg of jaggery, mostly in Belgian ales and it does add a bit of “tropical” character, especially in something like a patersbier. It has a fair amount of water in it, so you could probably assume 90% as fermentable by weight compared to cane sugar.

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