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I've made up my mind

Been looking and thinking about SS fermenters… I will be getting a couple of SS brew tech Brew buckets with the conical bottoms… I feel I can put each one in their own upright freez-mentor, be able to control them cheaper than buying one bigger conical, plus all the gizmo’s to control it… This way, I can keep trying different yeasts, or still do the same yeast, but one can be in the line up whilst the other is still cold conditioning… I can change out a few minor things, transfer under pressure, thusly eliminating O2 whilst racking… This is going to be a great addition to my set up… Sneezles61


Buy me one.

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Wish I had the dollars for the fancy new fangled stuff.

The cost of the 2, plus fridges, and controllers are cheaper than the fancy conical… Probably cheaper than some golf clubs… and even a… You get the point… Its a hobby. My finished product is a very good reward… Even seems our friends think so too! :sunglasses: Sneezles61


Me do use them at the brewery awesome fermentors. Do not collect the yeast. Just toss out. But got a yeast collector. As well. If i want to. Now got to be nice to my wife. I want a smaller version at home


Good call with the smaller conicals. With my 12 gallon the only option that works half way decent is putting it right in front of a window a/c. When it’s hot out that doesn’t even work well. The only other would be finding a fridge or freezer big enough and re-engineering the stand to make it fit. Even then it may not fit.

Don’t get me wrong, in cooler temps like spring and fall the a/c works fine and getting 10 gallons out of one indestructible fermenter is great. They are also great for collecting yeast and dumping the trub easily.

Since stepping up to 10 gallon brews, I have enjoyed the side by side comparison of the yeasts… I’m finding that the usual suspects aren’t always the better one to use… Sneezles61

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