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It's one year old

i’ve got some previously used and then cleaned wyeast 1272 in my cooler. it’s one year old.

any chance?? long??

Maybe, but doubtful. Worth a try to add some to a small starter and see what happens, though.

Its worth a shot but probably not really worth it in the end.

I was hoping this was going to be about a barleywine or IRS. I was gunna say drink one and forget about the rest for another 6 months.

What temperature was it stored at?
If you stored them in the fridge at constant, say 4*C, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a few million viable cells left.

I have a similar (though less extreme) situation with a 6 m.o. Kolsch pack.

So, is the consensus that if we take an old smack pack and make a starter, and it takes off, that we can rock on with it?

Or, is there going to be some funk with the dead yeasties that we need to be wary of?

I saved 10mL of WY Berliner Blend about a year ago and I plated a 1/10,000 dilution of it last week and it grew me a ton of colonies (3 colony types because there are 3 bugs in it). So go ahead and I’m 100% sure it’ll grow.

Just make a starter! I just bottle a Wry Smile that was fermented with 9 mo old smack pack. I just gradually stepped my starter up over about 2 days and it took off like a rocket.

Flag porter is brewed with a yeast salvaged from a ship wreck that was on the bottom of the English channel for well over 100 years.

Stable conditions… stable conditions…

I just made a starter of 1388 that was just barely over a year old. package swelled pretty good over 2 days. I really need to re-stock my yeast supply. :oops:

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