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Its Fall, Time for Cider and Perry

My brother brought me a couple bushels of small pears from his tree, so I got out the crusher and press and cranked out 2+gal of pear cider. Sweated my butt off without kids to turn the crank on the crusher. OG of 1.048, just right. Pitched a packet of S04 and will ferment to dryness, then backsweeten, force carbonate and bottle.

Hi Bro - just did my first true cider (have done small-batch fruit flavored ones in the past) 48 OG with a small amt of pilocillo, yielded a 6.5% cider. 5 gal’s apple cider kegged, back-sweetened, and carbing up.

Sounds good, I made a keg of cider the last two years and we never finished either one so I’m going to smaller batches.

I used to make gallons of cider (fermented) every year and we just never got around to drinking it. One year I poured out 8 cases. Now we just juice the apples and freeze the juice.

I use on of these…

Motorized crusher, very nice. I do freeze juice too but there wasn’t enough of the pear juice. THe kids love apple cider, in fact we’re just finishing up the last gallon of frozen cider from '12.

Beavis what yeast did you use?

I will be pressing my Kingston Blacks today. Shooting for 3-4 quarts (that’s all the KB’s I’ve got) to end up with just a few bottles of single varietal. I was going to use the English cider yeast… but based on mixed reviews, I’ll be using good old reliable Cote des Blancs. I’ll juice today using the kitchen juicer, let it sit overnight in the refrigerator, then pitch tomorrow. I’ll heat pasteurize at 170 F for 15 minutes as I have had much greater success that way versus the Campden route.

I didn’t use Campden on this juice, just pitched a full packet of dry yeast. Its fermenting mildly right now.

Where’d you get Kingston Black apples?

Maple Valley Orchards in Gillett, WI grows and sells Kingston Black at the orchard. They are surprisingly tasty to eat out of hand. I don’t think they ship. I only bought what I could easily carry – I also bought 5 other kinds.

Dang it, I only got 2 quarts, not 3 or 4 like I’d hoped. Oh well. Super small batch.

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