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It's Dumb Question Time

My IPA has been in the secondary for almost a week now and this is eating at me. Is it normal that the residual hops that made their way over from primary to be moving up and down within my beer.

I assume this is because of tiny particle of CO2 attaching to the hops and lifting them to the surface, but I have to ask.

Are you sure that’s hops? Clumps of yeast will be visible moving up and down throughout fermentation. If they’re little green floaties, they’re probably just hitching a ride with the yeast.

All the trub that made it into the fermenter will eventually settle out and yeast will cover it, keeping it out of solution.


Hmm, maybe they are yeast. I’ll cold crash them to put those yeasty bastards back in line.

NO!!! Do not cold crash until fermentation is finished! What you’re experiencing is normal activity.

He’s in secondary. I’d assume fermentation is done. If it is, cold crashing is fine.

Yeah, I’m in my secondary after two weeks in the primary. I may let it sit for two weeks in secondary and then cold crash to settle things down.

You might have transferred it before it was done fermenting. Did you take gravity readings?

Yes, I took a gravity reading and hit the FG. Any lower and it won’t take too many of these to have a good nite. Current alc % is 6.84%

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