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It's been a very moldy day

So, I poured some malt extract into my wort, then, as I turned the jug upside down to get the last little bits, I noticed a bloom of mold on the inside of the jug in a bottom corner. Cut open, the jug, and I’m pretty sure it’s mold.

Then, while I eating a sandwich and waiting for the end of the boil, I flipped my sandwich over (about four bites in) and noticed that I had taken a bite out of a pretty good-sized spot of mold on the bread.

What are my odds of a horrible, agonizing moldy death?

I figure the beer is fine, since it’s boiling, and I’ve got a pretty robust constitution, so I’m not too worried about the sandwich, but maybe one of you guys knows?

You are gonna die…just not from this probably. You should be fine. Maybe drink a real strong beer to kill the bugs.

Yeah you should probably look into consuming a nice big IRS, Barleywine, Old Ale etc to make sure that any bugs inside of you get a nice alcohol swab to make sure they dont hold on to your insides and start a colony.

You just did yourself a favor and cured that nasty infection :shock:

I just watched an old episode of Sliders on Netflix, the one where they invented penicillin. Quite appropriate…

Oh, so you are still alive then? Good :cheers:

oh yea. I’ve eaten my share of mold

I got a pack of butterscotch krimpets (tastykake) from the vending machine at my work the other day (which I really never do). Ate those first two pillowy soft cakes of sugary goodness and moved on to number 3. Which anyone who’s had a tastykake knows the 3rd is always the best one… and I take the first bite. I instantly get a horrible taste in my mouth. I flip the thing over and there are black spots all over the bottom!

I was sad the rest of the day.

But, no I didn’t get sick. Our bodies are pretty resilient.

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