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It's 90 degrees out and I'm brewing!

Brewed my October fest today at 95F. When does Global Cooling start?

Moved into my current (“new”) house about 2 weeks ago, and just had a new utility sink installed yesterday in my basement.

Got 2 batches scheduled for tomorrow, a German hefe (with WB-06 yeast) and an IPA to be served on nitro (will either use US-05 or a slurry of Wy1469).

Temp tomorrow is slated to top 100 again here in Cincy, but I’m running out of homebrew, so 2 beers and a batch of apfelwein will be in fermenters by this time tomorrow.


I have a amber siting in the basement. My basement stays about 75 degrees, I know this is the high side of the temp range should I expect some serious off flavors or what? On a side not I have a Hefe in Ferm 2 that I have sitting in a cooler I add a fozen water bottle every day to keep the temp low.

I also have one of those burners but I got mine from Home Depot with free shipping but I had to pay sales tax with Amazon free shipping and no tax.

At the risk of posting too much information I saw Mullerbrau’s Chillzilla and had a twitch of desire in my pants. I’m dying to make my own chiller but that project is on the backburner until myself and the mrs. move across the damned country.

I have this one from Home Depot and it is great. ... 75862.html
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