Items disappear in cart

An annoying aspect of the online store is that if you don’t buy an item within a few days - it disappears.
This is a pain guys.
Sometimes when I am at some process in making/bottling beer and I see I am going to run out of something soon, so I want to come on here, put it in the cart so I don’t have to remember it - and purchase the item at a later day when I buy ingredients or enough items to make a reasonable purchase for the shipping cost.
Several times I end up going to a local HBS, that I don’t like and would rather not buy there - because I needed something I would have bought here if it stayed in the cart.

Anyway to fix this?

This is a challenge that any online web store has. We try to keep your shopping cart as persistent as possible, but it’s possible that future website or product updates can affect this. Also, items that are added to your cart when you are not logged in are only stored in your web browser’s session, we have no way to store them unless you are logged in on

As with other online shopping websites, a more surefire method is to add items to a wishlist (or Brew List in our case). We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to add items straight to your brew list while shopping, or you can add them to the cart, and then move them to your brew list with ease from there.

In your case, I can’t see any items hiding anywhere (sorry!). For any others that run into similar issues, however, I recommend contacting Customer Service at, as it is possible that we may be able to see or hunt down items that used to be in your cart.

Hmm…I have never noticed the brew list item…that may work for me.