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ITC-308 $28 (Temp Controller) has the ITC-308 pre wired dual stage temp controller for $35 dollars if you add promo code S4CY7RGJ you get $7 dollars off.


I see they also make the ITC-310T which is programmable so you can set a fermentation schedule. Some reviews said they were hard to set. Also isn’t as cheap however it’s a cool feature.

I used this controller Does the job well. I chose to get the higher wattage/amperage controller in case I would ever need it for another job. The lower amperage equivalent is a few dollars cheaper.

I use this temp controller now. I would not take anyone’s advise on how something is hard to set up. I have this controller and it was very easy and continues to work well. Very user friendly. In summary, this is an awesome product! I have it set up to my chest freezer that I ferment in. The freezer plugs into the cold side and a heating source(light bulbs) plugs into the heat side.

I have a diy ITC-1000 now. I’m getting the ITC-308 to use on the chest freezer and use the ITC-1000 for my mini fridge. I was talking about the ITC-310T when I mentioned reviews said it was hard to set the schedules. Not sure if you thought I meant the 308. Should be similar to the ITC-1000.

Ah gotcha. Yeah I have the 308 and I love it

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Could one use a small space heater on the heat side with the 308?

Right now I have a “paint can heater” on the heat side of my ITC-1000. Bought a Lasko My Heat space heater to replace it. Should work fine with the 308.

Good…I,ll be gettin one later…

Got my ITC-308 and a Lasko My Heat today. Plugged in the temp controller and changed it from °C to °F. Then I made an ice bath to calibrate the probe. While it did take time to adjust my final calibration was -.07 °F which wasn’t bad. Now that I have a Thermapen everything seems slow. It should work just fine.

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Something I noticed last night if I go into settings then apply settings the temp read out changes a .1 of a degree. Then I do it again and it changes again. That’s without changing any settings. Not sure why the probe reading would fluctuate. The probe isn’t that responsive. This is while in an ice bath. Thermapen verified it was 32° on the nose. It wasn’t touching ice either.

Not sure I’m following what your saying…

Holding the set button to go into the menu. Once the menu comes up applying settings by holding the button again to save the settings. The temp read out changes. Each time you go into settings it changes. Might have a issue with my controller.

Yeah it sounds like you do. I think you may have said it, but when your adjusting it your not messing with the probe any are you?

Nope sitting in same position and it’s not touching any of the ice cubes. I emailed Inkbird and got a reply pretty quick. Had me email them back with more details. Hopefully they can replace it.

Damn sorry to hear that. I swear by mine and have never had an issue with it. Hopefully they can help you out

I ordered one of the ink bird units, but haven’t wired it up yet. It makes a concerning rattle noise, and it seems to be missing the connections for heat. I’m dumb, though, and didn’t open it until recently, well after Amazon’s return period.

Which one did you get? The model shown above and the one I have(itc-308) you just plug in

Stc-1000… the one that goes in a project box.

This is the ITC-1000 it’s in °F unlike the STC

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