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It will be cold today

Will be below 0°F all day today. Take the snow off the driveway tomorrow when it is supposed to be a high of 17°. Bake some bread this morning and get a pot of chili going for supper. Yeast is ready for a Caribou Slobber. Probably get the CS started late morning. Yeast starter for the Speckled Heifer has a nice krausen this morning. Should be ready for a Tuesday or Wednesday brew day. Will also try out the heat holding capabilities of the hot beverage server for the SH partial mash.

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Temp of -17 here currently and im headed to work for a bit.

That is cold. Only -16°F here.

No brewing for me until later this week when its back up in the 20’s.

I’m too busy driving to Wisc. for work during the week, so brewing will need to wait… -28 this AM…. bbbrrr Sneezles61

That sounds awful.

Where the heck do you guys live?

Minnesota, just a bump south of Lake Superior… Which may keep us a bit warmer than surrounding areas… Sneezles61

It’s a whopping 3°F here - perfect for some cross country skiing! Or bottling my 19th century IPA.

Its heading yer way PC… Sounds like the Packer game is going to be the coldest yet! Sneezles61

Ne iowa.

Hit -30 here in West central Minnesota this morning without the wind chill. The week ahead looks great though.

Hope you guys don’t freeze your nugget hops

What’s the temperature at the Vikings game?

It’s been a while since it has been that cold here. While still working was out one day doing stocking surveys. Met a friend and his wife of snowmobiles. He was surprised I was out on my three wheeler when it was -39°F. I had only heard the 9 on the weather report. I was wondering why I felt chilly.

It’s only forecasted to get to -8 tonight. We’re only a couple of miles from the lake and it keeps it pretty temperate here. However, it’s supposed to be wicked cold inland tonight. Russian imperial stout weather!

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It hits -30s at least a few times each winter it seems. Kinda funny, in the morning when I drive to work there’s a low area I drive through, it’s always a few degrees colder. When it gets really cold, I get kinda excited going through it to see how cold it’ll get, kinda cheering on for a few more degrees. Coldest I’ve seen was -42 a few years back. That’s the only -40s I can remember

My Bourbon oaked barleywine will serve me well.

You guys are making me feel real good. Its 1 degree F here rt now. A real heat wave. Supposed to be in the 20’s by mid week though. Was out moving snow for about 2 hrs this morning. Not quite nose hair freezing weather but had a nice frosty stache.

Getting pretty interesting in the frozen tundra with help from my boys

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