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Issues with S-33

This was my first time using Safbrew 33. I had heard it was a pretty straight forward yeast. But I had some issues with it.

Fermentation looked fine. But it never cleared (after 3 weeks in primary). Fermented just below 15C.

When I racked it to a keg I noticed a lot of dead yeast on the sides of the primary. Very little yeast cake - so most is still suspended.

It did not look like re-fermentation. It has a yeasty character, but not enough for me to think it is contaminated.

At this point I’m hoping it clears out in the keg at a cold temperature. I can definately give it a few weeks like that to see what happens.

I just have never had a beer not clear like this. Wondering if anyone else has had issues with S-33.

I just used 33 last week on a APA with treated RO water. Added CI and gypsum along with some yeast nutrient. OG before pitch was 1.068 and the rehydrated yeast went good for 50 some odd hours at 64 for temp . now after 3 days its slowed way down, but sill at 1.020. I have raised the temp up some and will take reading tomorrow to find out if the yeast have done there job or not. I expected to have a FG of 1.012 and would of got that with 05 yeast since I have did the beer many times and got similar results with 04 and notty and 05. we will see.

Interesting. Again, I was under the impression this was a fairly easy to use yeast. I would have just gone with the 05 myeslf if I knew there were going to be problems.

I have not given up on this yeast yet. there are lots of variables with yeast, one of course is what flavor you get from them. I will post back when I know more, my beer with this yeast is only 6 days old.

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