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ISO: IPA recipe recommendation

I’d like to brew a balanced mid-range(7-8%) IPA and throw it on some Oak. I’m thinking of a milder Barton Baton.

I’m not a fan of smack-you-in-the-face hop monsters, so it’s got to be balanced, if not on the malty end.

Thoughts? recommendations? My last brew is almost gone, so I’ve got to get on this.

(BTW: extract please, but partial mashes are acceptable)
(BTW2: kit recommendations are good too, as I haven’t brewed any IPA’s)

Denny’s Wry Smile Rye IPA. N.B. now makes this in a a partial mash kit i believe. the all grain kit is by far one of my favorties

Their kit is an extract kit. They had a Partial Mash RyePA kit but I believe it has been discontinued now that Denny’s is up.

so denny’s is balanced-to-malty and in that abv range?
how would it go on some oak? I’m kinda obsessed with oak at the moment.

its nicley balanced with a light spicy note to it. I am not sure how it goes with oak as I am still working on my forst oak beer. but it might not hurt to try it.

thanks mike. I brew so infrequently these days, I’d hate to waste it if it wouldn’t work on oak.

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