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So I’ve used it before, just not sure I used it correctly. The guy at my LHBS said to just drop it in the secondary and stir well (it’s powdered) and let sit for a couple days. Well I did that with one batch and I guess it worked. It was the first batch of a new recipe so I don’t know what it would have been like if I didn’t use it ( or used it wrong).

However on the package it says to mix with a pint of beer and add it to my secondary. I have a small hang up about this because i don’t really want to mix beers.

Question is: would it be ok to just add it to my primary and stir then immediately rack to secondary? I’m sure there’s a major downside to that. Just don’t know what.

Can anyone out there give me some advice on how to best use the dry isinglass? I plan on bottle conditioning.

Thanks and cheers!

draw a pint out of the secondary or hold a pint back when you transfer then mix into that pint and add back into carboy. be carefull not to oxidize the beer as you mix it in . stir in gently not to foam or aerate.

Perfect. Such a simple solution! Thanks. I guess I just needed someone to help me think.

Sometimes you just need a different set of eyes to see clearly. Cheers. :cheers:

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