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Is Weizenbock a beer to cellar?

I always thought that it was a great beer to cellar for a year or more. I have a full keg and about a case of bottles of it on hand though. Wheat tells me it doesn’t age well. Decent amount of alcohol, melanoidins, and a reference to an optional ‘sherry’ character from the BJCP guidelines tells me it does.

In addition to the descriptors, the OG indicates that it would benefit from aging. I have only made weizenbock once and aged it for 6-8 months.

Do you recall what, if anything got better about it after aging? Did the phenolics dissipate? Did it develop any of the sherry/“good” oxidized characteristics?

Our OG was about 1.078, FG around 1.015, its Rodney’s recipe, who won Long Shot a few years back.

Sorry don’t recall per se. I do remember it got smoother and the flavors melded.

That’s a beer style I’ve been meaning to try out for years now,and never have.I would have to say that you could cellar that kind of beer for a good year or so,but not much longer.I say that because that style doesn’t call for much in the way of hops at all,so it could easily get overly sweet and oxidized in a bad way if it sits for too long,as the hops’ preservative effect dissipates.I don’t have any personal experience with this style,though,so don’t quote me on this one.

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