Is this right?

Got some of the Biofine clear and am curious if this stuff is still good. It’s almost liked crystalized sugar inside the bottle. Some fluid but almost like wet sand. Is this how its suppose to be? With that consistency? Dropper wont hardly even suck the stuff up.

I think that happens if it gets really cold or frozen.

whether or not it’s still good, i’m not sure. I’d give NB a call

I just never have used it so I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be that thick.

Hmm, mine has been sitting out in my garage near my freezer so it’s been pretty cold and it didn’t do this. It’s still clear liquid the last time I looked at it (haven’t used it in a while).

How old is your bottle? Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I just got it week before last but there is no date of any kind on the bottle so i dont really know.

Sounds like your biofine clear probably froze. When it freezes, the silicic acid falls out of solution. Unfortunately it’s high impossible to reauspend it after that.

Did you order it from us and did it arrive that way? If yes, we can replace it. Hit us up at and we’ll get you squared away.

Yes I received it that way. I’ll email the link. Thanks