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Is this normal

I feel stupid asking im on my third batch now but any way… I noticed something I did notice in the other beers… There is a ton on carbonation coming up from under the foam/crausen. I assume i just didnt notice it before but just wanna be sure it not a sign of something funky.

it’s normal.

That’s what fermentation looks like. The bubbles are just CO2 being released by the yeast as one of the byproducts.

haha. yeah man. this is a great thing. the yeast is doing it’s job.

haha. yeah man. this is a great thing. the yeast is doing it’s job.[/quote]

hahah dude i didnt even wanna post that but i had been up up till 2am brewing that batch, way later than i planned and started doubting myself like maybe i unknowingly flubbed on sanitizing something.

But really i think its just becuase this was a 1.075 beer and i pitched two packs of rehydrated us05. much more fermentation activity then i saw the other two batches it was going crazy in less than ten hours. Glad in my tired half drunkin state i decided to hook up the blowoff tube

Yeast Farts Oh Yeah!

yeast farts?

yeast farts?

yes. yeast basically fart co2 and poop alcohol. yummy!

Ive been caught more than once hovering over the fermentor before work taking in the sweet smell those yeast farts

Thats what we homebrewers do. SSHH!don’t tell anyone.

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