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Is this hot break or cold break?

Just as the title says. Kinda curious if this is hot or cold break and how can you tell the difference?

It kinda reminds me of the drink orbitz. Who remembers this nasty stuff?

Is that during active fermentation? Looks like clumps of yeast to me.

Still during lag phase. About 12 hours after pitching. This was the first time I shook immediately AFTER adding yeast. Pitched US-05. I also added sugar boiled in about 3 cups of water about an hour after pitching.

Yeah, looks like clumps of yeast to me as well. Similiar thing happened on my last batch. I made a starter then cold crashed. After bringing it back up to room temp, I decanted and pitched the yeast which was basically a few giant clumps. I spent a good 5 minutes shaking the carboy to dissolve them. Beer took off a few hours later.

I’ve just never seen US-05 do that before so I didn’t even consider it being the yeast.

I’d say cold break.

I never rehydrate dry yeast and it always clumps up in balls like your pic. Cold break always appears more like egg drop soup.

That’s odd, I’ve used dry yeast a bunch of times and never recall seeing that. For the record I did not rehydrate this either.

I usually sprinkle the yeast around as best as I can & swirl the fermenter after 30 mins or so.

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