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Is this CO2 / Nitrogen tank a good buy?

I’m interested in moving from bottling to kegging in the coming year. I haven’t taken the time to do any research yet. I know I’ll have to piece together used equipment to be able to afford it. Can anyone tell me if this is a good buy?

Will it work for straight CO2? Is it a good price? Is it big enough for 2-3 kegs? Do I have have to watch out for different types of fittings on a CO2 tank, or are they all the same?

Thanks in advance!

That’s a fair price for a Nitro tank you will have to change the valve as it is an opposite hand from a CO2 valve.

But I would see if they would exchange for a 5 lb CO2 tank at a place where they have both CO2 and Nitro

If it’s out of date and needs to be recruited offer him $25

Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘recruited’. As I mentioned, I haven’t really started researching the topic of kegging yet and definitely don’t know anything about Nitrogen or CO2 tanks.

Probably the spell-checker turned “recertified” into “recruited.”

Dam spell check that’s what it did.

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