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Is this a decent Draft Tower?

Here’s a link to the one I’m looking at. ... 6844.shtml

I’ve read reviews of some towers where users say they didn’t get what they expected (chrome coating over plastic, inability to swap faucets, etc.).

Also, others on this site talk about 100% stainless steel contact and run and extra $40. Wondering if it’s worth it.

I just wanted to get an idea of features to look for, or specific towers. I know I want a dual faucet, silver/chrome finish. Low maintenance is also a plus (more fun, less cleaning).

Thanks for the help!


Go with the 100% SS trust me, i picked up an old kegerator in craigslist and it was junk and i knew it but it nice faucets and an actual Guinness brand nitrogen stout faucet, but the tower was a POS it was basically chrome plated and the material was so thin and some of the chrome plating was chipping off. I had a neighbor who traded me his old micromatic kegerator kit with a 100% SS tower for the new call of duty game. The material on the tower is so thick and sturdy. I was so in love with it that i decided i would wait and get a real nice kegerator to hook that baby on to. Long story short if you just want a small ugly but functional kegerator go with cheap tower, if you want a beautiful man cave, living room, dining room worthy kegerator invest in the more expensive tower.
I say it is nice to have a cheap POS tower and kegerator because at the end of the day all you want it to do is just dispense beer.

I would get the one with the Perlic taps. ... tml?bstr=1

I have their single version, just a cheapie, IMHO. BUT It serves my beer like a champ and it matches the cheap dorm fridge it is mounted to. As said already, this is absolutely a functional and decent setup. I love it, easy to clean and so far zero problems (a la perlic faucets, search the forums buyer beware). However mine was a gift and if I personally had to pull the trigger, I would get SS. I’m that kind of guy, buy it once and forget it. Never any buyers remorse. Done.

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