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Is there anything wrong with:

me using up ingredients I have left to make this…

1lb wheat steep
1lb crystal 20L steep
5 lbs Gold LME
and 4 oz of homegrown cascade spread throughout the boil to get to

7.2 % alcohol
65ish IBU’s

This is only a 2.5 gallon batch btw. Figured I’d make something a bit strong but small and bottle it instead of keg. Just something to do on a lazy sunday.

The gold LME probably already has crystal in it, so you might want to rethink adding a whole lb. of C20.

And is it “wheat”, or “wheat malt”?

The wheat will need some malt enzymes to convert the starches. The malt will need to be mashed to convert the starches.

Most wheat can convert itself (flaked wheat being the most obvious exception). Even so, this is clearly an extract with steeping grains batch with no mashing. OP will make good beer and get some wheat character as is.

Most wheat can convert itself (flaked wheat being the most obvious exception). Even so, this is clearly an extract with steeping grains batch with no mashing. OP will make good beer and get some wheat character as is.[/quote]

You’re right, malted wheat can convert itself. But the OP disn’t say if he’s using wheat malt.

I think typical steeping protocols don’t give much conversion due to using a lot more water than in a mash. I do think you’d get a little flavor from steeping wheat or wheat malt but you need to expect some cloudiness along with that.

For a wheat beer I’d go with wheat DME, a 50:50 combination of wheat and barley malt. If your wheat addition is for body or head retention I’d maybe use oats insead.

Denny do all LME/DME products come with some crystal? I know some of NB’s products do but wasn’t sure others did.

If it is Briess Gold LME such as Midwest and NB sell it is made from Briess 2-Row and Briess CaraPils. That being said, I think a whole Lb of C20 in a 2.5 gallon batch would be too much, I would cut it down to 8oz.

Here is a chart that shows most of the Briess LME and DME products. Both NB and Midwest sell Briess malt extract as their “house” LME and DME products.
[attachment=0]Malt Extract.JPG[/attachment]

Usually anything that isn’t labeled as “light” will have other grains in it, usually crystal.

ETA: gregscsu, nice chart…thanks!

Yes, it was malted wheat and I just steeped it with the Crystal 20L for 30 min at 150-155. I had some left over from the previous weekend when I brewed Ken’s MLPA recipe found here:


I would have left the C 20 out but I was already brewing by the time I saw the replies. It is probably the heaviest beer I’ve done considering all that went into a 2.5 gallon batch instead of 5 gallons.

One weird thing. I added my homegrown cascade that I’d picked in June. Everything normal. The other three ounces I added, each 1 oz at 15, 10 and 5min, were some that I had picked mid July. These had a bit more brown on them when I picked but they smelled way better than the first picking. I had vacuum sealed 3 oz all in one bag.

Weird thing is once I added the July hops, I noticed there were seeds floating around in the pot!!! wtf is that? I’ve never had seeds in my homegrown hops before?! How could this happen. There were seeds floating all over the top of my wort while it was boiling. The only thing that I can think of is that the extreme heat this summer stressed the plants out they kinda hermaphrodited out?

I know the cousin of the Hop Plant has been known to go hermie when stressed and females will produce seeds with no males around but hops?

Anyone ever had this happen before?

Also edited to add that this is what they looked like in the pot. Are the things in this picture/forum thread seeds or unbroken lupulin glands?


Definitely seeds. Glands are small, almost like dust. Could either be unfertilized, the plants could have had some heermaphrodite pollen, or maybe theres a wild male hop plant in the general vicinity. They do grow around here.

I agree that its best to let the hops hang until they just start to turn a little brown, you get the best aroma out of them and their bitterness goes way up.

Thanks for the replies Tom & others… funny to seeds when you’re not expecting them.

I frequently see them in commercial whole hops as well. My guess is that they develop in spite of no pollen and are empty as a result. probably does indicate that you let the hops hang long enough.

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