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Is there a difference in types of CO2?

I’m wondering if there is different types of CO2? Food grade? What type should I get?

I believe CO2 is CO2. Most people I know (including me) get their CO2 from welding supply shops. And they’ve never asked me “What type of CO2 would you like?”. It’s just CO2.

If you are using the small chargers make sure it is food grade. The ones for pellet guns have oil in them.

There’s a medical grade, which is slightly more pure and much more expensive.

There must be differences…when I had my first tank filled and told them it was for beer, they said, ok, we’ll be sure to fill with “food grade” CO2. They also put a sticker on my tank that indicated it had been filled with food grade CO2 and included the lot number from the CO2 they used so than they’d be sure to refill with food grade and should I have any issues they’d know what they filled it with.


They always ask if I want food grade when getting my 20lber filled at Airgas. At an increased rate of coarse.

In Michigan you have to drop your tank off for 24 hours before you are allowed to pick it back up because its all food grade CO2.

According to the guys at Airgas the only thing that makes it “food grade” is that the tank is periodically tested.

I’ve never heard of this. In 23 years of using a co2 tank and having it filled regularly, they’ve never mentioned any different ‘grades’ of co2, nor has there ever been a requirement to have the tank tested.
The place I use does service mostly beverage clients…maybe that has something to do with it?

My wager would be they have to track everything for food grade. Oils, connections, etc. the co2 itself is probably no different. fe1

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