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Is there a difference in quality between these new kegs?

NB sells this: … 5-gal.html
Its 130 bucks.

These Kegco kegs are about 75 bucks each brand new. ... k_keg.html

is there a difference in quality to justify the cost difference? Anyone know?

I’m about to get in to setting up a 4 keg system but I am not very enthusiastic about used kegs but 130 bucks is just too high. 75 bucks is much more reasonable but I don’t want to end up with a junky keg.

Any thoughts?

Those are a new design that came out recently, I believe. They look pretty nice. Looks like they come in sets of 2 (EDIT: I was wrong, they come in singles too, just the link you sent is the set of 2 page). I’d kinda like to get a couple new ones, so I’d probably look at those. Go for it. New kegs are pricey and I’m noticing now that reconditioned ones are even going up in price everywhere. Midwest used to sell them for $30 less than a year ago, then they went up to $40, now just the other day I saw that they’re $50. Yikes!

Nice! Thanks for the comments! yeah I figured for 25 extra bucks I can get brand new as long as they weren’t crap.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. other times things are just priced too high.


Same size as a ball-lock, but with posts on the same side. Probably a lot harder to mix them up that way (bonus). The pressure-relief vlave is an older, all-metal design (bonus).

I just purchased 4 of these because of the positive comments here :slight_smile: Can’t wait for them to arrive and to set up my draft system!

Man, you didn’t wait! Hope they’re awesome. Let us know how they are, although I’m sure they’re awesome. I may look into getting a couple in a future.

MUST KEG BEER!!! :slight_smile:

I’ll drop back in and let you guys know my thoughts.

I recieved my new kegs today. 2 of them were pressurized. One of them heavily(had to bleed it for several minutes before I could open). 2 of them were not.

I found that odd. Anyone else?

They look new I guess. They are very dusty and smell bad and some of them have spotting on the Stainless Steel.

They feel very thin and light. Is that normal for these?

These are the first corny kegs I have ever touched so I have nothing to compare. Are the older style this light and thin?

Well, the lids might not have been sealed properly on the 2 that weren’t pressurized. You may want to check that out.

What about them smells bad?

i am going to pressure test them tonight with 4.5 gallons water/ santizer

the smell is not organic or anything. its like a smell that is part of a manufacturing process. it juts doesn’t smell good. not something i would want to put my beer in. hopefully after a good cleaning the smell will be gone tonight.

there is a bunch of spots that look like the finish is rusting here and there. I am not sure. will take bar keepers friend to the outsides tonight.

The older kegs are not very heavy. A bit deceiving when you look at them.

My guess is the new ones are the same thickness.

Older kegs aren’t heavy, but they’re solid feeling, like you might be able to stomp a dent in them, but it would take a good kick - from the pictures, those new ones look like an aluminum can, thin and flimsy.

Guaranteed that these new ones are Chinese. That simply assures you that they are made as cheaply as possible with the cheapest possible materials.

That sounds a bout right then. i can dent them if I bang on them but they don’t feel flimsy or anything.

I cleaned them all last night and here are more thoughts.

The two nuts screws are clearly labeled IN and OUT so there is no chance for mix up. The nuts are both the same and interchangable as are the springs inside. I didn’t need a deep socket to remove them I just used normal wrench just a slight turn and the rest by hand since they are on one side together. it was very easy. i have read some of this can be difficult with older kegs. The covers are also very easy to remove and put back in.

once cleaned they look nicer. If you guys have any other questions let me know but these are a steal at 75 bucks when others are charging 120 for new kegs. I like the design improvements of having 2 handles and the valves on one side and the lack of a deep socket needed. It was super quick and easy to break down the keg to clean.

Cool, sounds like you still recommend these. I might pick up one or two in the future.

I purchased 2 more yesterday from

today I got an email saying it would not ship until 12/30/2011. I called to inquire and was told that it was back ordered by the manufacturor for 5 months?!?!?!?!?!?

Obviously i cancelled my order.

Checked today and every single one of these kegs is GONE off were selling like hotcakes) and has removed them from their site.

So much for brand new $75 dollar ball lock cornys…

Can you smell a price increase.

thats what they told me on the phone. he said he’d follow up with me in 3 months but there will likely be a price increase as they sold over 450 of them in 2 weeks. apparently kegco makes these specifically for

Very sad… should have gotten more :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s kind of surprising…but not at the same time. Oh well…kegs are tough to come by these days at a decent price. The reconditioned ones are jumping up in price every few months it seems like.

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