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Is the yeast dead?

I made a starter over 2 days ago and used a smack pack (london ale). I have made starters before and have had no problems with them, but I have no activity with this starter and it has been over 48 hours. My yeast pack was an old one (July 18th) but it has been stored in my fridge since I got it. If the yeast is dead, would I be able to get a replacement from NB or is it way too late for that, thanks for the help.

Have you checked the gravity and/or tasted it? It’s entirely possible that the starter fermented out so quickly that you missed it.

Did you let it blow up after smacking it? If so and if it did blow up I would say no, your yeast is not dead. Could try just giving the container a little swirl to see if it releases any gas too. Or step it up one more time.

The old ones have always worked for me but the older they are the longer it takes to get going.

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