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Is our beer going to be ok?

We are first time brewers and just did up a batch of Irish Red this past Saturday. We followed the directions and pitched the yeast when the temp. was about 74. This was about 3pm. Sarted having action by 8 ish that night. By 11:00 am the next morning I had to put the blow off in and the temp. was at 76. We moved the carboy to the basement to cool things down and that seemed to help. By Monday evening the action had pretty much subsided. This evening (Tuesday) I pulled the blow off hose and put a sanitized airlock back on. While doing that I noticed the smell had gone from the nice hoppy one to a not so good one. Will our beer still be ok? I’ve read about high fermentation temps. and fast fermentaion causing bad off tastes. We realize now that we should have started it in the lower temp. basement to begin with.

Typical behavior of a high ferm temp. You are going to have off flavors and fusel alcohol (think hot alcohol bite like liquor). These will likely not age out.

Best advice I can give new brewers is to watch those ferm temps! And remember watch actual ferm temps as they can easily rise 5* over ambient temps (prob closer to 8*).

Search swamp cooler for a cheap, easy way to keep those temps down.

see my signature line for cooling help.

Hard to tell by your description what is going one. 2 people can describe the same thing differently. It will probably be a drinkable beverage. But never reach it’s full potential.

Don’t know if this helps but we used Danstar Nottingham dry yeast. The temp. Has been a steady 63 to 64 for at least the last 48 hrs and there is still some activity in airlock. It’s slow but still there.

Thanks for the replays.

The main issue is that the ferm temps in the first few days are the most important. Ferm temps after ferm has stopped aren’t nearly as important.

Bottom line is that you still made beer. Now, get on another kit and try to improve your process!

Thanks for the replies. We’re definitely going to keep on brewing no matter what.

Good choice on the Irish red. I feel that’s one of my top five recommended for new brewers.
Pretty satisfying brew and the recipe is very forgiving of mis-steps made in the early stages of learning to brew. I expect it will come out just fine. Is it the absolute best, maybe not but it will be in the realm of 6 out of 10 I’ll bet. It should be a pretty light drinker with a rounder malt body and some good hopiness. They have been offering this recipe for an awful long time and for good reason.

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