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Is my yeast good?

I have always pitched dry yeast in the past. I thought I would try liquid yeast for a change.
However, when my package came, the included cold pack was warm and the yeast packs were bloated. (It was a hot day) I did put them into the refrigerator immediately upon opening the box, and currently they are no longer bloated.
Do I need to worry about the yeast being bad?
I have Imperial Yeast A07 Flagship and Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire Ale yeast.
Also, I read that Northern recommends using Fast Pitch Canned Wort, but they never seem to have it. How necessary is it?


I think you do have cause for concern as far as your yeast viability. Northern Brewer does caution folks to use a dry yeast option during the summer months for this reason. Really hard to tell, depending on how hot it really got there? Your best bet now would be to do a proof, viability starter. Google how to make a starter and follow those directions… you’ll need some DME. The Fastpitch is a fancy timesaver but completely unnecessary once you figure out how to make your own starters.


Swelled up pack… Thrown in the fridge… A starter is the only way to verify if it’s good… Even then… The yeast is probably stressed out… It should be mandated… No liquid yeast sent out by mail when the day time temps are over 60*F… PERIOD!!! I’m in this hobby to brew good brews… I do also like the economic side of saving some cash in the process…
Please look at dry yeast…

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unless the yeast is Kviek


Me got some liquid kveik by mail this time. Fedex aka slow service. Any way. Did arive kind of warm same day made a started. The starter took of like a rocket. Huge krausen.

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My guess is that it will be fine but I agree a starter is the best way to test it. They are easy to make. All there is to it is boil some DME (dry malt extract) and water, cool then add your yeast and shake it. Lots of tutorials online.

I also agree with @voodoo_donut that Fastpitch is a fancy and expensive route to go but it does make a starter easier. One problem is NB seems to be continually out of stock.

It would be nice if they provided not just the little ice pack but a small Styrofoam container so it didn’t melt before UPS even picked it up. It would be worth a couple bucks extra .

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