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Is my wine stuck?

I fermented mango wine, its very good to taste now, but, for 3 weeks its been at 30 on the hydrometer (1.300 ?) and has not changed. does this means its stuck and the years is dead?

do i add yeast? bottle it?

Just to double check… I assume your reading is actually 1.030? not 1.3.
If it is actually 1.300 it has not fermented at all. If 1.030, then yes I assume it is a little stuck.

Question is, what do you want it to do? If you like how it is now, being stuck at 30 would not be the end of the world (what was the SG?)

If you want to see if you can get it going again, I would suggest getting the temperature up a bit, rousing the yeast into suspention, and maybe adding a bit of yeast energizer.

we are VERY happy with it, its amazing now and crystal clear :cheers: so can i bottle it? if so, heres my questions.

its our very first try, so is there anything else we need to do before bottling? we would like it a tad sweeter, aside from that its perfect


If you are happy with it you can probably bottle it at this point. Have you degassed it at all or added anything to stabilize it?

If it were me, I might just add some sulphite and even some sorbate. The sorbate in particular to make sure what residual sugar is left (at 1.030 there would definately be some) does not start fermenting later on.

If you have not really done anything to it, I would likely go through the whole process of degassing, stabilzing and fining. I know it looks clear at this point, but fining it could drop out a little bit more solid matter and prevent any bottle sedimentation later on - but it is not the end of the world if you don’t.

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