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Is my Regulator a POS?

Basically i can only control pressure at 10lbs or higher. At this amount of pressure I feel like the beer pours too fast and makes it foam up, hence i would like to be able to set my pressure at a lower amount; however, my reg does not seem to handle anything less than 10.

Thoughts? Should i be able to set my pressure lower?

Also, while i have your attention what is the min pressure you keg should be kept at to maintain the right amount of carbonation?

This chart shows the range of carbonation based on the styles. And the corresponding temp/pressure needed.

Yes the regulator should go lower. Based on the chart 10 psi is a good pressure for most beers served in the 34-42* range.

The inexpensive fix would be to lengthen your serving line to allow for more pressure drop. Then it will pour slower.

+1 on what Nighthawk said. You should be fine at 10+psi.

If it pours too fast, lengthen your hose and/or add one of the “swizzle” sticks inside the dip tube… The white insert in these epoxy mixers:


Hmm, I noticed that you said 34-42 degrees, currently i can only get to about 45/46ish for temp. For now i’ll add a longer hose. But I think i’m gonna invest in a better regulator. I’m thinking of getting a taprite.

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