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Is my Blichmann defective?

I have brewed 4 all grain batches with my new Blichmann burner and as I write this, I am not impressed. I have used close to 50 lbs of propane ( one 20lb cylinder and one 30 lb cylinder). On my last two brew days. The temp was around 28 degrees. I could not get the burner to light until I put a kettle on it and held the lighter for several seconds. When both tanks got down to 1/4, the burner would not stay lit. Today I had to bring out a tub of hot water and put the propane cylinder in the hot water, and even then I could not turn the burner down without it going out. My old $45 dollar burner that came with my turkey cooker it easier to light and could be dialed down to conserve propane.

How many hours are most of you getting with a 20 lb cylinder with your Blichmanns? Can you dial it down and still have it stay lit?

They look like they have the same kind of cast iron burner as my hurricane burner.

I oversparged yesterday and checked my tank to make sure it would go 2 hours.
I made it, that brings it to 5.5 hours boiling on 1 tank and there’s some left.

There’s got to be something up with your setup, plugged somewhere or mis adjusted?

im getting 3.5-4 all grain batches out of a tank on my blichmann. i haven’t had any problems with it freezing up yet…even in near zero temperatures. are you running it wide open?

Once it gets to a rolling boil, I dial it down to conserve propane

Something must be up because I get about 4 - 10 gallon all-grain batches per 20 lbs tank.

Spray some soapy water or starsan on your hose connection points to make sure you don’t have a leak somewhere. Good luck.

I’m sticking with my turkey fryer burner, never had a problem with it.

Do you guys get a propane smell or burning eyes when standing next to the burner? I noticed both today

Neither. Sounds like a leak to me.

Same here.

You have something odd going on… I have done six batches with mine so far and cooked two meals on one tank and the burner has fantastic performance.

make the hose is screwed all the way in to the burner, it’s not like my bayou burner that swivels. You don’t want that backing out.

Also check the casting to make sure it’s clean, no holes. The banjo burner might have a flaw. I read someone had that issue on a couple…

No problems here ether mate, love it. Bayou is lonely now.

Do you guys get a loud popping sound when you turn your burner off? I get a loud pop when I turn mine off. Never had it with other burners.

I don’t have a Blichmann, but you shouldn’t get that from any burner. Have you checked for leaks?

the other thing is the draft control: that should be flat on the casting. The only air getting past should be through the vent holes. the two set screws hold the damper with the hose input threaded all the way in. You can use the spring to hold the damper firmly against the casting.

The spring I put in a drawer. Keeping the sets snug puts enough pressure on the plate. At any rate that should not be sloppy loose letting air scream by it. I’m sure you know that so I’m thinking a bad casting with a hole somewhere in it (besides the burner part!)

Actually I notice one of my bolts is missing from the assembly. It causes gas to come out… There should be 4 holding the assembly. I noticed it before but I did not realize it goes right into the burner. So if those bolts are not tight, or missing, gas will come out… :frowning:

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