Is my batch still good?

This is my first time brewing. I purchases a small 1 gallon batch brewing kit and am brewing some American Wheat Ale. I made up the wort and put it into the fermenter yesterday (Sunday) and today (Monday) I noticed that it had bubbled up and some leaked out all of the table in my basement that it is on. When I was cleaning it up I knocked off the airlock and heard it loose some pressure but quickly placed the airlock back on. My question is, is my batch still going to be good even though it leaked some out all over and up into the airlock and also considering the fact that I knocked off the airlock for minute? I am just wondering if I should dump it and try again or let it go cause I do not want to waste my time with it if it is now ruined. Also does anyone know why it bubbled out and leaked like that? Did I put too much wort in it or too much yeast or something? Thanks in advance for answering all of my questions and concerns.

Your beer will be fine. The blow off is the result of very active yeast activity. It would be a good idea if you plan on brewing again in the future to ferment in a larger container. The standard is five gallon batches in a six gallon fermentors.

you’re fine, as long as it is fermenting and blowing out, nothing can get in. if you didn’t have much headspace above the wort then it is going to blow out. DON’T dump it. it may have been a little too warm and the yeast just got a little crazy. relax.

If you are fermenting in a fermenter with large enough head space you might want to ferment at the lower end of the yeasts range. lower ferm temps will slow activity some to help prevent blow off.