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Is it too late to plant rhizomes

I decided screw it and my neighbor and I are going to plant hop rhizomes. I assume its a little late to start, but they are coming anyway. we’ve got centennial, cascade, zeus and mt. hood coming in hopefully by friday. We are in central minnesota and it being a first year and probably late we won’t get anything huge with our crop this year, but any suggestions on soil prep if there is anybody up here that is growing their own would be appreciated

planted nugget last year at this time, got 3 0zs the first year. but the 2 and 3 years will be much better. the ground is still cool up here in mn but as long as it drys up and gets hotter in a few weeks the roots will be fine. the soil should be high in organic’s with a fair amount of nitrogen. don’t put them anywhere that gets flooded. keep them moist but not soaked. they like lots of sun but will also grow ok if its not full sun, you just won’t get as many #s.( #= pounds not hash t) mine got 18 foot tall the first year so be prepared. some of my plants did not get as big so, not all plants are created = but maybe some just had a bad year. I’m in the southern part of mn and my 2nd year plants are 3 foot tall right now. brew on and keep growing… P.s dig the ground deep under the spot you put the root. it will give them easy time to get growing." hops for all and all for hops" whoo hoo!

While slightly different, I planted hop plants in late June last year (St.Paul, MN). They were about 3-4inches tall when they went in the ground, and 4/6 of them reached over 10 feet by the end of the season. I didn’t get a great yield, which is to be expected for the first year anytime. They’re on a slope for drainage, on the south side of the house for lots of sun, and get manure added for extra nitrogen. There was never anytime when I thought they wouldn’t make it/die off, they’re resilient little buggers.

This year they’re all back and over 2 feet tall already.

I bet you’ll get a decent yield out of your Zeus. The first year I grew them, they put out 13 oz - not too shabby. For soil prep, try to dig deeply or till the bed. Then till in or hand mix in compost or well-rotted manure. I used horse manure when I prepped my beds, and it took a while to get rid of all of the stuff that sprouted out. Horses only digest a fraction of what they eat, so you’re likely to get lots of sprouts if you use it.

Some sites suggest adding some wood ash to the hole too - I prefer to add most of my amendments to the compost and just apply compost to the hops annually. Vermicompost is great stuff, if you have the gumption to start a worm bin.

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