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Is it time to bottle?

I brewed a 1 gallon kit of Irish Red Ale at 1400 hrs on 6 July 13. After only 12 hours I was getting some very good action, i.e., the yeasties were “burping” every second or faster.

Now at 2230 hrs on 8 July 13 the “burps” have slowed down to one “burp” every 60 to 65 seconds. Is this normal? Is it time to bottle this batch?? Your thoughts??

Have a good day.


It is normal, do not bottle. I would wait 3 weeks to bottle. Some people bottle sooner but you need to make sure fermentation is done, i.e. take a gravity reading then again 3 days later if the gravity has not gone down your good to go.


Airlock activity IS NOT an accurate sign of fermentation. All it’s doing is allowing CO2 to escape without allowing air and other contaminants in.

Only way to know if fermentation is done is through a gravity check. An Irish Red, probably lower ABV or OG? May be done after 2 weeks. Just check & see

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