Is it technically a SMaSH

If I toast 1/2-3/4 lb of base malt in the before adding to the mash? I was thinking of making a spring SMaSH soon, and might do a belgian-themed one with continental pils malt, toasting up some of it, then ‘aging’ for a week or two for a biere-de-gardey malt character.

I mean I guess technically, I could smoke some of it for a rauch!

Looking for opinions…the reason is one of my clubs does a monthly competition with a ‘theme’ style…one month its SMaSH. I suppose I could ask the club as well.

I’m gonna go ahead and say no it isn’t still technically a SMaSH but who cares. Toasting is making another specialty grain out of a base grain which I guess in my personal opinion would qualify the beer as a D(double)MaSH category but we’re really just nitpicking on definitions here which doesn’t really matter. Go for it!