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Is it stuck

I pitched a Nut Brown on an older yeast cake on Oct 14 Sunday. It had an O.G. of 1.050 and I did not see any significant activity until about monday night with a pretty vigourous activity on Tuesday. Today Wen I checked it and htee was little activity, bubble in the air lock about ever 30 - 40 sec. To me this seems very very short. Is it nomal to d it’s thing faster because It was right on the yeast cake.

SHould I be worried?

Timing bubbles is far from conclusive. I would take a gravity reading.

I would not be worried.

1st, quantify “older”.

2nd, what is the temp the beer has been at. In a fridge or “in the wild”?

3rd, like S.S said,a hydrometer reading will tell you what is happening .

And I can think of no good reason to check the gravity after only 4 days. If it is nearly done are you going to keg or bottle after 4 days?

Older may have been bad word It was from a beer I kegged, I left that beer on the yeast for four weeks, so It is 4 weeks and three days old.

Temp strip is saying 70 degrees,

Don’t plan on doing anythin with it till the end of week three unless someone advises me to do something, like add more yeast, etc. On end of week three I am taking a hydrometer reading to see where it is at just curious if maby becasue the yeast cake has more yeast maby it takes less time to do it’s thing.

I will be kegging the beer,

Your beer should be done. Keg it, and then enjoy it. I like my beers 4 to 5 on the cake. Cheers.

Unless you have a reason to keg it so soon, party this weekend, leave it on the yeast cake for 2-3 weeks. The yeast have things to do after the ferment the sugars. Give them time to do those things.

And, solids will drop out of suspension during this time. Making for a cleaner/clearer beer. They will fall out in the keg also. But give them time in the fermenter.

70* ? That’s a bit warm to ferment at. Thus the short ferment time. Fermentation generates heat. Anywhere from 5-10*. Because of the high temps I would leave the beer alone for 3 weeks to let the yeast clean up things.

See my signature line for ways to keep your temps down.

The temp stripe said 70 it is in my basement which is at about 65 degrees.

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