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Is it possible to bottle condition too hot?

Obviously, I don’t mean “Is it a bad idea to put them in the oven and set it on broil?”, but my ambient temps right now have been getting as high as 85 and it’s been freaking me out, as usual, probably unnecessarily.

The Belgians regularly bottle condition in a “warm room” that is around that temperature. So you can certainly do it. That said, that’s hot enough to accelerate oxidation, so once they’re carbed you don’t want to leave them there long term. If you don’t have somewhere cooler to age them, than once they’re carbed put them in the fridge.

I’ll go as high as 85F with no issues and they’ll be done in maybe five days at that temp.

You must be the only Portlander without air conditioning. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Rookie L A”]You must be the only Portlander without air conditioning.[/quote]You have ACs in Portland? I thought everyone there just slapped on more patchouli when it got warm.

We’ve got a heat pump at my house; works like a charm and inexpensive to operate.
Maybe we just do things differently over in the 'Couve. :mrgreen:

We thought we could just throw our AC unit into the window, but our property manager has an aesthetic stick up her ass about what we can use to insulate the open part of the window. So while we wait for that material to get cut to the proper size we’re stuck with our lovely ambient temps, fans, and a little improvised swamp cooler action. Not to mention we’re living on the third story… so that’s fun. Anyway, everything seems to be surviving just fine so far.

I’ll be brewing in the Couve within the next month or so here. If you ever feel up to the challenge of drinking McMenamin’s beer feel free to stop into the one on 162nd. :cheers:

I’ve noticed that beers I’ve aged in a room that gets pretty hot in the summer had an off taste to them. Simply conditioning them in there did not seem to be an issue, though.

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